Build Your Business with A Multichannel System

Are you still struggling for spending hours daily for synchronizing products, processing customer orders and doing plenty of manual work just to run your business through several online marketplaces? With the increasing number of sales channels that are becoming available, this way of doing things just isn’t sustainable.

MOCA, a multichannel e-Commerce system enables you to easily list and sell your products on multiple sales channels, control and sync inventory, manage and fulfill orders, and access multichannel reporting intelligence with just a simple, unified platform. One that can be used to effortlessly sell your products in all of your different sales channel in the global marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Lazada, 11street, Mataharimall and so on. Get your products in front of the world, swiftly and easily, with multi-channel e-Commerce software designed to assist you sell more globally.


4 experiences that a multichannel e-commerce system gives you:

Centralize Your Workflow

Managing all your business work from several different online marketplaces just by using one platform. Concenter your operations by managing all orders, inventory, customers and more from one inventory, order & customer management solution. Save your time and trouble from manual processing products, listings, orders, shipments.


Optimize Your Inventory

Managing your inventory from just one location, rest assured that your published inventories are synchronized and accurate. You will be able to pinpoint which sales channels are selling better than others and transfer your item’s inventory dynamically to make the most out of your ‘available to sell’.


Synchronize All Your Sales Channels

Not necessary to do the comparing within the spreadsheets from different marketplaces to see what orders need to be processed or calculating inventory quantity. Once imported, orders from all sales channels are managed and processed from the system. Up-to-date inventory quantity will be updated back to your sales channels. And, you can set up different product prices and/or descriptions per channel.


Gaining Visibility and Sell More on Different Channels

Customers are everywhere – are you? Adding an e-Commerce website or sales channel, like Amazon, eBay or any of the many marketplaces available, is a fast and effective way to grow your business. The more channels you are in, the easier for customer to look for your product, and you will be able to gain customer base of different region thus increasing your brand’s global popularity.

"Work Smarter, Not Harder"

Choosing the right systems saves you time and prevents errors, ultimately providing the control and confidence you need to thrive, no matter how many channels you are in.